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Letting go of Fear

Written by jayson. No comments Posted in: Ethics, Philosophy, Spirituality

Recently I’ve faced some rather critical life choices, and the power of it all shook me to my core and caused me to completely re-evaluate my life, where I am in it, and what I want out of it. It caused me to confront something that everyone must confront, but even I never have, because it is the hardest thing anyone can do.

Letting go of fear.

Almost all fear is fear of change. As we’ve discussed, fear of change comes from the ego’s fear of death. But change is the rule, not the exception, and we should always be ready to greet it without fear.

Fear is the mind-killer. It prevents action, it prevents adaptation, and it prevents resolution. Fear is the enemy of actualization. It is one of the two most powerful emotions we can experience, and is exceedingly difficult to overcome.

There are choices you will be presented with during your unfolding that will seem like impossible decisions to make. That is fear talking. Taking no action at these critical moments will only only cause things to atrophy and pass you by.

This does not mean we need to make rash decisions when confronted with the anxiety that fear produces, but it does mean that if we succumb to the fear rather than making a choice, the fear wins.

What I have realized through this experience is that while it is extremely difficult to overcome, my need to overcome it finally hit a point that was greater than the fear itself. It is this moment of paradigmatic crisis that is the greatest and yet most terrifying ritual you can experience in order to truly change and overcome fear.

Here’s hoping I will seize the opportunity. I hope you will too, when you have it.

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