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Source: http://www.naturalistsalmanac.com/ One of my desires is to realize a cyclic existence. For reasons of both upbringing and inherent appeal, the seasons of the year are one of the largest influences on this realization. While seasons vary widely depending on where you live in the world, but their key influence, the Sun, goes through cycles […]


There is an argument form that is useful in deconstructing abstractions one has held previously. It involves the fact that, if two things are equivalent, then they are equivalent and there is no use talking about the difference; in a sense, a third way of thinking is born. For example: If I claim that every […]


Reason as a ritual

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What is a ritual? Rituals are actions or a series of actions that we take for the purpose of satisfying desire and engaging the Process. They involve either realizing or deconstructing abstractions – but usually doing so purposefully, even if we aren’t aware of the purpose*. They are the tools we use to believe in […]