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There is an argument form that is useful in deconstructing abstractions one has held previously. It involves the fact that, if two things are equivalent, then they are equivalent and there is no use talking about the difference; in a sense, a third way of thinking is born. For example: If I claim that every […]

The concept of the soul is an abstraction that is in use by almost every single spiritual paradigm that humans have realized over the course of their history. As I have said before, abstractions are necessary and non-arbitrary, so the ubiquitousness of this particular abstraction should not be taken lightly. Perhaps the most immediately apparent […]


A river analogy

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Imagine a river, indefintiely wide and indefinitely long. Along the riverbed are rocks that cause various flows, whirlpools, standing water. If a rock is added, moved, or taken away, the flow, and therefore entire picture of the river taken at any one time, changes. There are areas in the river that flow quickly. There is […]


This world is the will to power–and nothing besides! – Nietzsche What is real? What is reality? How can I answer that in a few short paragraphs? Reality is the continuous, inter-subjective expression of a process. That process is a system of disequilibrium (power) and the actions that use that power (actualization). It could be […]


Ideas are connected. For example: spirituality tends to exist to help humans deal with the fear of death. The fear of death spills over into other areas of life as a fear of impermanence, or a fear of change. The fear of impermanence then filters up into nearly every ritual we perform, every interaction that […]